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Faster builds
for Rust devs
Experience 3x faster compile times and kill IDE lag with our optimized Rust compiler and remote dev environment.
Personalized Remote Dev environment

Coding? Ease of a laptop. Power of a dedicated server.

Remote build and dev servers have become necessary because your laptop is too slow. We often see 2-3x speed boosts when switching to a remote environment. But coding locally just feels convenient! Our remote code environment is personalized for you, to seamlessly work for your edit-compile-test cycle. No need for raw SSH; our remote cargo CLI lets you retain your local development flow.

  • 2-3x faster builds on your dedicated dev/build server
  • No-lag IDE IntelliSense, thanks to an always-running, preconfigured remote rust-analyzer
  • CLI tooling that emulates the experience of local development
vscode remote development
rcargo cli
default compiler profile
modded compiler profile
Faster incremental builds

Our custom speed-optimized compiler

Our custom rustc (Rust compiler) is optimized for incremental builds, achieving 12-40% faster builds. Get more bang for your (hardware) buck with our novel macro caching system.

  • Above is a macro-heavy crate's incremental build profile with the default rustc
  • Below is the same crate's incremental build profile with our custom rustc, running on the same hardware
Team Synergy starts with Sharing Cache

[Coming Soon]
Shared build cache across the team

What's faster than our fast builds? Using your teammate's build! When one team member compiles code, we share those build cache results with the remainder of the team. This is essentially a lightweight version of Google's mechanism for operating its famous monorepo. We can also generalize it to leverage CI builds.

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Faster builds await

  • Let us profile your build times
  • Get a dedicated remote dev/build server
  • Access our custom-optimized Rust compiler
  • Share cache across team members and git branches i.e. fewer rebuilds
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will CodeRemote speed up my builds?

Short answer:
If you share your repo, we will profile it for you!

Long answer:
Our build-optimized dedicated servers have achieved 2-3x faster builds (compared to MacBook development). On identical hardware, our optimized compiler has achieved a further 11-40% speed-up. Your actual speed-up is subject to your dependencies, code layout, and macro usage.

How do I try it out?

CodeRemote is still early and not self-serve yet. Please sign up, and we will reach out to you to get you onboarded!

How does CodeRemote compare to GitHub Codespaces or Gitpod?

Cloud development environments (CDEs) all preconfigure a remote code environment so you can get coding fast. CodeRemote differentiates itself in a few ways:

  1. We focus on Rust and incremental builds: Our hardware and our compiler is optimized for building Rust fast. Other CDEs try to be language agnostic and focus instead of general containerization scaling, which is a poor solution for Rust's compile (and development) time slowness.

  2. We target daily usage for core devs, not onboarding new contributors: Most CDEs focus on onboarding new developers or open-source contributors by quickly spinning up a container. But that provides little value for core devs who contribute daily. CodeRemote aims to provide those core devs an experience superior to local development.

  3. We use hardware suited for Rust development, with monthly pricing: Rust is a resource-hungry beast. Gitpod Cloud caps out at an insufficient 8 cores / 16 GB RAM. GitHub Codespaces charges you $1,000 per month for 4 developers ($1.44 per dev-hour) for 16 cores. We specialize in heavier-duty hardware and sane monthly pricing.